Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship @ USC

We grew up Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecostal, Buddhist, Atheist… We are from Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. We are undergraduates, graduates, Ph.D. seekers. We have different majors, different futures, different dreams.

We believe that in life, nothing is more important than relationships… with people and with God. In Chi Alpha there are opportunities for both. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there is a place for you in Chi Alpha.

we’re about people…

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a Christian ministry on universities and colleges around the world. We value diversity and are made up of students from many different backgrounds. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ in a relevant, impactful way so that students’ lives will be transformed by a genuine relationship with God. We are a community where we love people, where we care for people, and where we are passionate about Jesus Christ and the things of God.

In Chi Alpha, we desire to reach out to the people on our campus, in our community, and throughout the world. We believe that Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, rose again on the third day victorious over sin and death, is still alive today in heaven interceding on our behalf, and is soon to return to gather everyone who has accepted Him as their personal savior. Until then, though, the Holy Spirit is available to us as Jesus had promised.

our name

The Greek letters Chi (X) and Alpha (A) are the initials of a phrase written in the Bible by the Apostle Paul – christou apostoloi – translated, it means “Christ’s sent ones.” The name is a reminder that we should live to reflect Jesus.